Terms & Condition


Dear Educators, Please Note the Following –

  • You are advised to keep the ID Proof always with you, and to submit a self attested photocopy of it to the parents on request/demand.
  • You upload your latest photograph with ID/Residential Proof, and self attested photocopy of Degrees and Certificates to your user panel or mail us to info@edumaats.com You can also post us to our Registered Office.
  • You have to face an interview on phone, on Skype, on video chat or personally whichever is possible. You are also suggested to attend the seminar “Train the Trainer” conducted by our parent company Maats Consultants Pvt Ltd.
  • You are advised to be regular, punctual and dedicated. EMF expects you to be well mannered, cultured, and soft spoken at your job.
  • When you are provided any Lead/ Inquiry, then it is the duty of the Educator to inform the Admin about the developments within 24 hours.
  • You are not allowed to discontinue any Assignment, once started, before the end of the contract/exam without mutual understanding. If any educator does so, it will be the violation of contract between you and the company.
  • There is an Association fee (Basic & Deluxe) valid for one year from the date of registration. This is neither refundable nor transferable. You will be gifted TAP-Teachers/Tutors/Trainer Association Package with YES-Young Entrepreneur Strategy (MVRBS) - a double income gateway.
  • One has to renew one’s Association every year to continue the further services and other benefits. To avail the MVRBS, follow the guidelines/system of maatsvalue.
  • EMF Service Charge is as –
    Association Model 1st Month Contractual
    Basic Association 50% 30%
    Deluxe Association No Commission No Commission
  • EMF Service Charge is applicable for the next Year Renewable Tuitions too, in case tutors/teachers do not inform the EMF, their registration could be cancelled.
  • All Paymentsshould be made by Cash / Cheque / DD / Bank Transfer/PayTm/Bharat QR Code/Digital Wallet toM/s Maats Consultants Pvt. Ltd. (Our Executive can also assist you collecting Cash locally; in case of Cheque Payment, the bounce charge of Rs. 450/- would be applicable)
  • If you collect the payments from the party/parents, inform the EMF admin immediately and deposit the service charge without any delay to the office or by bank transfer or by Maats Digital Money to the admin panel. The delay may cause the delay in further services.
  • EMF always strives to serve YOU better, wiser and transparent.
  • An Educator will get assignment one by one in the Basic Association Model. After clearing the accounts of given assignment,one will get another job/assignment and so on; where Deluxe Association Model can fetch you multiple assignments at the same time.
  • If one cannot finalize (satisfy the student/parents/school/institution) the first assignment, he/she will get another 3 more chances to prove him/her. In case of multiple failures, one has to attend our brush up session.
  • Remember that it is a mutual requirement business; we both should have transparency to each other for long term association. Any act of non-transparency, and non-compliance with the tutor guidelines given in this document (or any moral, behavioral, transactional) shall affect the EMF Rating and the Business. Edumaats has right to abandon the services in this case to the defaulter with further course of legal and corrective action whatever is required.
  • We expect our educators to be internet friendly, IT enabled, and modern gadgets user.
  • EduMaats expectsits educators to check their user panel regularly, to get it updated time to time; and also, to update all the assigned classes with its status and progress.
  • All the rights related to policies, terms and conditions are reserved with the company (Edumaats/ Maats Consultants Pvt Limited). Company can change, cancel, modify and add any policy any time to comply with the business/ organizational and compliance objectives.
  • Company is not responsible for any act, behavior, communication, interaction or commitment by tutor to parents or vice versa (in house or out of house, during or timings other than tuition timings, or during the initial interaction). Edumaats (Maats Consultants Pvt Limited) is into facilitating the educators and parents with the business leads and services leads through its online portal. Company neither employ educators or take charge of their conduct.
  • Company’s role is to connect the service provider and service seeker through online portal and supported coordination over phone. Tutor and Parents are liable for the evaluation and due diligence of each other in their own profound manner (subject to moral and legal regulations without infringing the privacy of each other). Company is not liable or responsible towards the decision taken by parents/ students and educators about the services. Educators are independent (of edumaats) to present their service offerings, charges, commercials and mode of service delivery. At the same time, parents and students are also independent to evaluate the service offerings, commercials, experience and background of the educators. Company is not liable for the decisions of parents and students regarding selection of the educators for the service offerings.
  • Any misconduct by Parents, students or educators is liable for the legal proceedings and due course of action by other party in case of any incidence. Company has no role or liability towards the behavior, incidence, conduct or delivery.
  • Company will take profile information for educators and parents for record purposes. The validation is limited to completion of documentation so that it can be referred in future. Even though, company will put their best possible effort in filtering the profiles.
  • All the profile creation will be done as independent profiles of service providers and service seekers. Being a platform, company is not liable for accuracy, background, present, future possible conduct or other facts about the profiles. Educators and Service takers are liable to work with each other on/with their own responsibility.
  • Educators and Parents and Students are advised and liable to rate/ rank each other through Edumaats rating management system to update the facts about each other which are related(and limited) to conduct, service delivery, payments, commercial interactions, commitment, communication or any other aspect which is important for rating of profiles (for peer rating/ filtering/ reference and recommendations). Even though, rating engine is implemented by the company to give better service to educators and service seekers, Company id not liable for the ratings and comments by any profile to any other. These are peer rating system. Company will only update the rating info related to interactions limited to company (Company with Educators and company to service seekers/parents/students).